How to prevent moisture and smell in bathroom decoration

2020-05-30 13:32:44
When we decorate the bathroom space, most of the owners will pay attention to the comfort, planning and convenience of the bathroom, but they simply ignore the moisture-proof and smell proof planning of the bathroom decoration, which is very wrong.
Although it is not difficult to decorate the bathroom, we must pay attention to the details of moisture-proof and odor proof. So, how to decorate the bathroom? How to prevent moisture and smell in decorative bathroom? Next, I will talk about the precautions against moisture and smell of bathroom decoration.
Precautions for moisture-proof and odor prevention:
1. Pay attention to planning the bathroom as a dry and wet separation pattern as far as possible;
2. Pay attention to maintain the ventilation effect of the bathroom, and do not simply set the isolation;
3. You must buy water with odor proof function;
4. The bathroom without ventilation window must be equipped with exhaust fan;
5. Pay attention to the airtightness of each water inlet;
6. Pay attention to the washing machine position to select special water;
7. The water slope shall be set accurately in the shower area to drain the water as soon as possible;
8. Choose high-quality toilets, bathtubs and basins;
9. Pay attention to the use of highly airtight shower rooms.

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