What should we pay attention to when choosing bathroom

2020-05-30 13:32:44
1. Choose bathroom first and then organize furniture
Bathroom equipment is different from general furniture, most of which need to be installed and inlaid, or sealed with mud to prevent leakage. Therefore, it is necessary to give priority to bathroom when choosing household equipment. In terms of toilets, first determine the size of the space, and then decide to choose suspended toilets, floor toilets or high-tech computer toilets. Generally speaking, the hanging toilet is suitable for small space and convenient cleaning; the high-tech computer toilet has multiple functions, large body and suitable for large space. The most important thing to buy toilets is to pay attention to the distance between the drain holes, that is, the distance between the wall and the center of the drain pipe. Before buying toilets, it is necessary to recognize the distance between the toilet holes at home. Generally, 30-40 cm is the main part in China, but 18-22 cm is also a small part.
2. Toilet should be durable and useful
In addition to the appearance and function of toilet selectivity, anti pollution durability should also be considered. If there is a urinal installed in the bathhouse, it is recommended to select a capped type to avoid the taste of floating; for homeowners who are sensitive to movement or require quiet, the toilet can also be changed into a slow falling type of cushion and top cover to avoid bumping.
3. Bathtub selection depends on the size of bathroom
Some adornment plans because the number of terrace is not big, as long as the bathroom is planned, if there are children and the elderly at home, it is still the bathtub that should be used, which will be more convenient and safe. You should pay attention to the size of the bathtub. If the bathroom space is not large, it is recommended to choose a short and deep Japanese bathtub or juniper bucket, which does not occupy space. If the space is large enough, you can choose a long and wide independent bathtub. If you especially like bathtub, you can choose a bathtub dedicated to bathtub, such as embedded bathtub.
4. Large space of dressing table combined with washing table
Want to save indoor space, add bathroom function, can also make-up table and hand washing table function into one.
5. Antifouling and antibacterial equipment to reduce bacterial reproduction
In the south, the climate is humid and rainy, especially in the hot and humid baths, which is easier to hide dirt and scale. When choosing the bathroom equipment, it is necessary to select the raw materials with anti fouling and anti-bacterial. Now there is anti-bacterial nano technology on the market, which can make the product surface free of pores and dirt, and easily achieve the function of preventing the reproduction of bacteria.
6. Tips for tile selection: small specification and large utilization
According to the raw materials, tiles can be divided into three categories: pottery, stone and porcelain. When purchasing, we must first plan the space of the bathroom, and then purchase the tiles if we want to show how it feels. Generally speaking, if there is a lack of light in the bathhouse, the tiles with good mirror effect can be used; if the pattern is not large, the standard and small scale shall be selected, which is conducive to sticking, and large tiles shall not be used in small space as far as possible, because too much cutting material is damaged, forming budget waste. In the selection of floor tiles, safety, wear resistance and anti sliding functions should be considered. If want to understand budget to also be able to change wall tile to paint, also can save 20-40% cost.

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