How to maintain bathroom hardware

2020-05-30 13:32:44
Bathroom is the space often used in the home, and also the place where there is a lot of water, so the bathroom without a good dry and wet separation will be in a wet state for a long time, resulting in many sanitary ware dirty and flustered, and even breeding bacteria, so how can we easily maintain the bathroom?
I. make a whitening "beauty" for the toilet
Put a proper amount of clean water in the toilet, and then pour about 5ml of detergent or hydrochloric acid into the toilet, and then use the brush to evenly apply and wash. Then the dirt is heavy. Then we can pour some detergent into it for soaking and then wash it. After cleaning, wash it with clean water.
II. Wonderful ways to make glass bright as new
The smooth mirror and windows will be watermarked and blurred due to the close touch with water for a long time. You can spray a large X shape on a piece of glass with a spray of glass cleaner, fold the twisted cloth, and rub it in one direction, then wipe it again with dry cloth when it is dried seven times. Can also be used to wipe old newspapers, paper ink can make glass bright as before, but also to wipe away stubborn dirt.
III. anti seepage and anti mildew measures for ceramic tiles
IV. maintenance of all parts of shower room
Shower room is one of the most common bathroom accessories in the bathroom, and it is also a home art, so it is necessary for us to focus on the daily maintenance. As toughened glass touches bath gel, shampoo and other products for a long time, and gradually turns yellow after a long time, we have to clean them regularly. Here we suggest that you clean at least once a week, using a special glass cleaner or

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