What details should be mastered in bathroom decoration

2020-05-30 13:32:44
In people's home days, there can be no study or restaurant, but there must be a local toilet. We need to know that the toilet plays a larger role in a family, which brings great convenience to people's day. The following editor will introduce the key points to be paid attention to when planning the bathroom.
1. Drainage and ventilation
When planning the bathroom, its drainage and ventilation are also the primary consideration. If they are not handled properly in the planning time, they will bring you great inconvenience in the future use, and always feel that they have peculiar smell, and it is not easy to drain together. In terms of drainage, the equipment of floor drain must be 10 mm lower than the ground, with an inclined point of view, so the planning is more reasonable, and the opening aperture of floor drain grate should be controlled between 6 mm and 8 mm, so as to prevent hair, sand and soil from entering. In terms of ventilation, if there is no window in the toilet, it is necessary to equip it with an exhaust fan to exhaust. Moreover, it is necessary to keep the toilet monotonous all the time.
2. Selection of materials
Bathroom is a wet place, so you need to pay more attention when choosing materials. For example, we should choose more anticorrosive, antirust and waterproof materials. In addition, we should also consider its air permeability, especially the ceiling of the toilet, which kind of air and moisture-resistant materials must be selected, or it is very simple to let these materials degenerate and rot.
3. Reasonable distribution of space
The utilization rate of bathroom is relatively high, and it is also a multi-functional place. Although the area of this space is not large, it is necessary to go to the toilet, take a bath, wash, wash clothes and so on. Therefore, a reasonable planning space for sanitation is still very important. We must choose a reasonable one so as to make the space well distributed.
4. Selection of height of sanitary products
The height of bathroom planning is also suitable. Generally speaking, there is no uniform height, which can only be said to be different from person to person. Generally speaking, the height of the shower head is between 205-210 cm, the height of the basin is between 70-74 cm, and the left and right width should not be less than 50 cm. The height of the mirror shall not be less than 90 cm at the bottom and 200 cm at the top. You can use the height of the equipment when you use the equipment. The width of the space for a washing machine should not be less than 35cm.

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