How to install the bathroom shelf

2020-05-30 13:32:44
I believe we are very familiar with the bathhouse cabinet shelf. It is a very widely used object in our home. It also greatly improves the visual effect of the whole bathroom space. It places things very well. On the one hand, it also increases the uniformity. As we all know, the styles of bathhouse shelves sold on the market are very different , which makes it very difficult for us to use the equipment. How about the equipment? Here is the inventory of Xiaobian. Let's have a look.
The cabinet shelf of bathhouse has found a uniform storage center for the zero system broken items in bathhouse. With the rapid development of social economy from time to time, there are many types of stainless steel bathhouse shelves in the market, which are more fashionable and reasonable in style planning and appearance. The stainless steel bathhouse shelf is the most widely used material in daily life. For other storage, the biggest characteristic of stainless steel bathhouse is its small and reasonable structure. Especially for bathhouses with small space, it can make full use of empty walls and space to stop storage, making the whole space more reasonable and scientific in function division.
Introduction to the method of storage rack equipment of bathhouse cabinet
1. Recognize the equipment location of the bath cabinet:
Before laying floor tiles and wall tiles, we should recognize the equipment orientation of the bathhouse cabinet, because the equipment bathhouse cabinet is to drill holes in the wall, and also needs water inlet holes and drainage holes. Once the equipment is behind, it is generally unable to move the orientation, so it is necessary to recognize the equipment orientation of the bathhouse cabinet.
2. The shape and size of the bathhouse cabinet should be recognized according to the equipment orientation when setting up the bathhouse cabinet:
After the orientation of the bath cabinet is certain, the shape and size of the bath cabinet can only be determined according to the equipment orientation.
3. Identify the pipeline diagram of water pipes and the wiring diagram of wires:
When the equipment is used, the air drill shall be used to drill holes on the wall, so it is very important to recognize the pipeline diagram and wiring diagram before the equipment. If the water pipe or wiring diagram is broken, the local wall brick shall be pried off to form unnecessary loss.
4. Recognize the height of the bath cabinet equipment:
The standard equipment height of the general bath cabinet is 80-85cm, which is calculated from the floor tile to the upper part of the wash basin. The specific equipment height must be determined according to the height and use habits of family members, but it is the most appropriate in the standard height scale.
5. Bathroom cabinet accessories and equipment
The accessories and equipment of each bathhouse cabinet are different, that is to say, the punching size of the same type (the size from the hole to the wall) is also different, but the equipment process is the root

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