The maintenance method of bathroom hardware accessories

2020-05-30 13:32:44
How should bathroom hardware be maintained so as not to be damaged? We give the answer to this question.
1. The sliding hinge shall not be made of aluminum alloy, but stainless steel. The hardness of aluminum alloy material is far less than that of stainless steel. When installing hardware with fastening screws, metal lining plate must be set inside, and the thickness of lining plate shall be at least twice of fastener pitch. It is not allowed to fasten on the plastic profile or select non-metallic lining. Pay attention to maintenance after installation of bathroom hardware to avoid rust corrosion. In daily use, light opening and light closing are required to avoid hard opening and hard closing and damage.
2. The model, specification and function of the selected hardware fittings shall conform to the current national standards and relevant regulations, and match with the selected sanitary ware to make it used in a complete set. For the shower door in the bathroom space, the push-pull mode is generally used. For the push-pull door with a width of more than 1m, or the shower door with double-layer glass, the double pulley or the roll pulley should be set to ensure the convenient and unobstructed use of the shower door.
3. Develop the habit of opening doors and windows, keep the air in the bathroom unblocked, and dry and wet separation is the maintenance method of bathroom hardware accessories.
In addition, friends of bathroom and shower accessories also mentioned that: do not use corrosive sponge and detergent, bleach, vinegar, etc. containing corrosive effect, dissolution and acid substances to clean the hanging parts, otherwise it will cause the surface of the hanging parts to lose luster or leave scratches, thus damaging the hanging parts. Usually wipe with soft cotton cloth and water. Third, the corrosion of the paint on the surface coating of the pendant

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