Why does the bathroom have to be separated dry and wet

2020-05-30 13:32:44
With the progress of home quality, people's demand for bathroom space is becoming more and more diversified. The separated bathroom includes beautiful, comfortable, safe, dynamic, functional and storage, which is quite consistent with modern people's daily habits!
1. The floor is no longer wet. Please take care of the bathroom safety!
Traditional bathroom simply leads to slippery ground and added slipping crisis, which can't take into account the needs of elders and children. Dry and wet separate from the bathroom will separate the shower and wash basin area accurately, making the environment more dry and comfortable.
If you wash your body clean and then take a bath, you can arrange the bath area in a better ventilated position near the window, and allocate the floor material with better drainage, which will not affect the wash area.
2 and top style separate bathroom let you and annoying moisture say byebye!
In winter, bathing is most afraid of catching cold. In addition to leaving warm water in the shower area, the top style separate bathroom will not expose the moisture. It is useful to avoid shortening the life of the system cabinet and all kinds of building materials because of the humidity. If you use a lot of precious metal, wood furniture or building materials in the bathroom space, it's OK to maintain the furniture as well as the top door piece, and extend the service life.
A large population is not afraid! One time to solve the pain of robbing the toilet!
Brother wants to take a bath, brother wants to brush his teeth, and the toilet in the morning is always like a war! If there is only one toilet, there is no harm in planning for the separated bathroom, which can be used by many people together, greatly improving the power of the toilet!
4 clear boundary, no pressure for cleaning!
There is no clear storage plan for the traditional bathroom. The spare parts are simple and messy, more simple and moldy, and the breeding of bacteria. The separation plan makes the dry area suitable for setting up independent cabinets to meet the requirements and cleaner.
5. Keep the exclusive bath area. It's dreamy and cozy every day!
If the area is satisfied, it is suggested to be able to clearly divide the area of bath, shower, storage and hand washing table, and expand the area of bath to make bath a beautiful and enjoyable day!
6 with the changing room to create a smooth bathing line!
The dry and wet separate bathroom space can be combined with the dressing room and dressing table. Once you leave the bathroom, you will be radiant! Planning dressing, make-up, washing and shower functions at the rear in order to make the daily moving line more smooth. The double hand washing table can also make the bathroom use power greatly improved.

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