Development trend of bathroom accessories

2020-05-30 13:32:44
Cleanliness is a concern of all of us. As a result, hardware, bathroom and other products are also indispensable in our daily life. Good products will bring us many conveniences. So, what is the development trend of modern hardware bathroom products? What are its market shortcomings?
I. Development Trend of hardware bathroom
Distribution and alliance is the necessary way for the strong brand of bathroom hardware enterprises. The development process of bathroom hardware in China is relatively short. In addition, the non-standard production of bathroom hardware also restricts the speed of distribution and alliance of bathroom hardware enterprises. Therefore, whoever has a large number of distributors with high quality can win the market.
The length and width of distribution channels should be considered in the layout design of distribution and franchise network. Distribution is a narrow form of distribution channels, which means that only one middleman is selected to distribute or act in a certain area and a certain period of time, and the other party's operation right is issued. The length of channels refers to the number of channels needed to achieve the enterprise's objectives.
In the building materials industry, the flat way of distribution is generally selected, which is more suitable for the city level distribution in the economically developed provinces. In the less developed provinces, the provincial agent distribution is selected. In this way, the distribution agent has a strong sense of responsibility, high enthusiasm, less channel conflict, and it is easy to manage and gather resources to make a good brand.
Standardization is the inevitable trend of development
Over the years, the bathroom hardware enterprises have always chosen the customized non-standard production and marketing mode, which is basically tailor-made by technology. The shape of pure technology can not form a production line, let alone standardized production. Because it can't be standardized, each door opening has its own size. It's flexible and scattered, and there are many links in the process. There are many opportunities to make mistakes. If you're not careful, you have to waste them all. At present, the orders for bathroom hardware exported to foreign countries are all standardized bathroom hardware, and there are only one or two specifications for dozens of containers.
The standardization of bathroom hardware can guarantee the quality of products and shorten the decoration period. Standardized products in the progress of efficiency together, but also make the factory production more orderly, to ensure that products can better in brand marketing.
It is believed that China's bathroom hardware market is not only a big cake, but also a big cake in wood products. No matter the hot commercial housing or the large-scale guarantee housing construction, as long as it is the hardbound decoration room, it must be decorated with standardized bathroom hardware products. Standardization is the inevitable trend of the development of bathroom hardware.
The trend of network customization is obvious
As the guarantee of the safety and privacy of the home, the importance of the door is also obvious; there are also human shape doors, which are one of the three-dimensional and expressive decorations in the interior, can properly reflect the level of the home decoration and show the aesthetic tendency of people. With the progress of material life level, life taste is also constantly improving, and personality is also constantly highlighted.

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