How to choose bathroom hardware

2020-05-30 13:32:44
It's easy to distinguish colors based on the purchase of bathroom hardware, stainless steel hardware and aluminum oxide data, but it needs to control certain differences in chrome plated copper or copper zinc alloy bathroom hardware. Here are some tips for shopping.
1. The bath hall hardware surface is more bright and delicate, with a more obvious mirror effect, and the surface plating process quality is better;
2. When selecting the hardware pendant in the bathhouse, the hand contact should have a sense of texture (the sense of sophistication and moistening), and the plane of the hardware pendant should be squinted at an angle of 30 degrees. If it is a piece of light and average, it is a good process. Otherwise, if it is a row of white dots, it must be inferior, and it will be corroded soon.
3. Whether there are white spots (sand holes) on the surface of hardware hanging parts is of great importance. As there are sand holes, water vapor will directly enter into the main body to stop corrosion, which is also the primary reason for blistering and peeling of electroplating layer.
Nowadays bathhouse hardware products generally have the characteristics of strong creativity, simple and generous, and elegant quality, and can form a suitable match with the bathroom, in line with the current concept of "creating a detailed bathroom". But the market is also full of low-quality bathhouse hardware products, we must pay attention to the purchase, carefully check the differences.

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